We supply customers with infrared heaters by choosing the right model of high-quality infrared heater according to the requested type, size, capacity, mounting and connection. On request, we perform on-site installation.

Ceramic IR heating elements

ceramic heating element
- durable, standard and at reasonable prices. They produce infrared wavelengths in the 2 - 10 µm range and have wide area of application.

Quartz IR heating elements

quartz heating element
- have similar to ceramic infrared heating elements emission spectrum in the medium- and long wave range; but what makes quartz infrared heating elements different is the production a short wave infrared radiation from 1 till 3 µm.

Halogen/Tungsten elements

tungsten heating element
- infrared emitters with maximum intensity of emission. Depending on a requested spectrum of radiation there might be used two separate tungsten conductors.