Main activities of the Company:

Electrical works:

  1. project design of electric supply of objects;
  2. project design and installation of transformer substations with cable entries;
  3. mounting of power equipment, installation works;
  4. indoor and outdoor cable lines mounting;
  5. project design and installation of lighting systems;
  6. renovation of power supply systems and lighting systems;
  7. service and maintenance of electric equipment.

electrical works

Gas works:

  1. project design and construction of gas boiler stations;
  2. installation of gas boilers;
  3. project design and installation of heating and heat supply systems;
  4. service and maintenance of gas boiler stations and gas equipment with working pressure up to 6 bars.

gas works

Supplies with:

  1. electric equipment spare parts and components;
  2. heating elements;
  3. electric appliances and goods.


The Company is fully licensed for the performance of its activities (MTR: TEL000935, TGT000216).