about the company


The ETH Systems Company was founded in 2008.

The Company is located in the well-developed industrial region of Estonia. In 2010 the region was named among the top 50 regions in Europe with the biggest potential for development by the Contor Company.

Company’s activities are connected with electric power and gas supply sectors. Its main customers are small- and medium sized enterprises, various organizations.

Company’s main tasks are:

  • search for efficient ways to meet customers’ needs;
  • efficient execution of works as per required quality standards;
  • supply of qualitative goods to customers at favorable prices.


The Company’s main goal is the efficient fulfillment of its tasks, which contributes to the successful work and development of its customers.

Cooperation with ETH Systems gives its customers better opportunities for developing their businesses by:

  • providing opportunities of focusing on their main activities;
  • taking under control their expenses;
  • going for efficient management.


Long-term mutually beneficial cooperation is believed to be the key to success and prosperity. The Company team makes everything in its power to bring cooperation with ETH Systems to the level of its customers’ expectations.



to be an beneficial and reliable partner



Main activities of the Company:

  1. electrical works:...

  2. supplies with:...

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